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Portfolio List

Explore Our Masterpieces

Dive into the visual world of Platinum Roofing & Construction with our Roofing Photos Gallery

Each image represents the excellence, elegance, durability and mastery we bring to every roof.

roofing photos gallery

Commercial Roofing Marvels

Discover the strength and precision behind Rockledge’s finest commercial roofs. Our gallery highlights the sophistication and functional design of our most ambitious projects.

Residential Roofing Transformations

Step into the homes of our clients through our gallery, showcasing the stunning makeovers and meticulous craftsmanship that define our residential roofing projects.

roofing photos gallery
roofing photos gallery

Innovative Roofing Techniques

Witness the cutting-edge techniques and materials in action. Our roofing gallery demonstrates how innovation comes to life atop a variety of structures.

Before & After: Roofing Reimagined

Experience the dramatic evolution from old to new. View our compelling before-and-after photos, illustrating the transformative power of expert roofing.

roofing photos gallery
Discover the benefits of Commercial Roof Sealant Application Services. Learn how it can protect your investment and your roof's lifespan.

The Art of Roofing Details

Zoom in on the artistry and attention to detail our team puts into every roofing project. These close-up shots reveal the quality and care in every shingle and seam.

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