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Breaking the Ice: A Guide to Roof Ice Dam Removal That Won’t Leave You Cold 

Discover how Commercial Roof Ice Dam Prevention Services can save your business from costly damage. Learn more in our comprehensive guide.
Table of Contents

Breaking the Ice: Unmasking the Icy Intruder

If you’ve ever experienced the icy wrath of a roof ice dam during the winter season, you know it’s an invader you’d love to show the frosty door. According to data mined from the University of Minnesota’s Extension Service, it only takes a mere one to two inches of accumulated snow on a poorly insulated roof with an outside temperature just below freezing, to create an ice dam. The damage potential of these frosty foes is far from lightweight. Picture this; a cubic foot of the ice that forms can weigh a whopping 57 pounds! That means a significant ice dam can potentially pop a cold one over your roof’s structural integrity.

A Silver Bullet: Beating Roof Ice Dam at Its Own Game

There’s a blizzard of information about ice dam prevention and stops it in its frosty tracks. And rightfully so! Prevention is indeed the best cure. However, when an ice dam stakes a claim on your rooftop, it’s go-time for damage control. The Insurance Information Institute disclosed that winter storms and related damage like roof ice dams accounted for about $2.1 billion insured losses in 2019 alone! To avoid contributing to the upcoming year’s financial frostbite, let’s dive into some ice dam solutions that chillingly effective.

Gearing up: The Armor you Need

You’ll need some tools for safe ice dam removal. Don’t just think you can play ice-knight with a mere shovel. Your arsenal should include a strong yet lightweight roof rake, calcium chloride ice melt products, and protective eyewear. Remember to always prioritize safety when on your quest for ice dam removal.

Crossing the Ice Bridge: Roof Ice Dam Removal

Firstly, try and keep as water much from flowing into the underlayers as possible, one of the trademark ice dam causes. Try using a roof ice melt system, diligently applied on the lower edge of the roof. This directs water away from the house, reducing the risk of ice dam leak repair.

Secondly, maintain a clear path for melting snow to reach the ground. This includes giving due attention to gutter ice removal to prevent back-ups and resultant damage from winter roof maintenance negligence.

Keeping the Frost at Bay: Prevention Tips

Since icy build-up around your gutters is a hallmark sign of ice damming, a good start would be using heated cables for roof deicing. These toasty threads serve the dual purpose of being both ice damming solutions and roof ice prevention techniques.

When it comes to roof snow removal, use a roof rake with wheels. The wheels give a bit of a lift, preventing the tool from scrapping and damaging the top layer of your shingles.

Ice Dam Busters: Turning Professional

While DIY ice dam removal might melt away some dollars, sometimes it’s more frugal (and less injury-prone) to call in the pros. Professional ice dam removal services, such as Platinum Roofing and Construction of Rockledge, FL, not only guarantee the job is done right, but they also offer roof damage repair services if any previous ice dam damage is noticed.


What happens if I ignore a roof ice dam?

Ignoring an ice dam can lead to significant roof ice damage. The stagnant water seeping into your house can lead to increased humidity, mold or mildew, and even water damage.

Do ice dams always cause leaks?

While not always, ice dams can lead to leaks as the trapped water may find a way to seep into the house.

Can ice dams harm my gutters?

Yes, the weight from a heavy ice dam can strain and eventually damage your gutters.

Ice Dam Begone: Welcoming a Winter without Worry

Consistent vigilance, prompt attention, and effective measures are the keys to winter roof maintenance and ice dam prevention. To guard your home from ice and freezing temperatures, reinforce its cold combat toolkit with professional roof ice dam removal, robust treatments, and tips. Shed the cold coat of concern about ice dams this winter, and keep your abode warm, dry, and snug. After all, home is where the heart, not the ice dam, should be!

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