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Siding with Puns: A Light-hearted Guide to Choosing Your Commercial Siding Contractor That Won’t Leave You Feeling Cladded in Confusion 

Discover the perfect Commercial Siding Contractor with our fun, easy guide. Avoid confusion and make an informed choice today!
Table of Contents

A Warm Welcome to Siding With Puns

Greetings from sunny Rockledge, FL! It’s time to get-sided with everyone’s favorite topic: choosing a commercial siding contractor. With over 104,000 siding contractors in the United States alone, the selection process can often leave you feeling, well, a bit cladded in confusion. But fear not! Our light-hearted guide gives you a lift on your commercial siding journey.

Picking the Right Siding Is No Joke

Choosing commercial siding, in truth, isn’t something to be taken lightly. The exterior of a commercial building isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about structural integrity and weather resistance. If you’ve found yourself siding towards overwhelming confusion, we’re here to help! Don’t be cladded in uncertainty; follow our siding puns guide.

Tip One: Understand Your Siding Options

First off in our commercial siding guide, let’s discuss options. According to the National Association of Home Builders, vinyl siding wins the popularity contest, making up 27% of the market share. Yet, resist the urge to simply go with the flow; understanding commercial siding goes beyond following trends. Steel, aluminum, fiber cement, brick – these are just a few of the other commercial siding cladding choices up for debate.

Tip Two: Zero in on Your Contractor

You’ve begun your siding contractor selection, and before long, you’re swirl-siding in a whirlwind of choices. Over 104,700 siding contractors were employed across the U.S. in 2020 alone. But rest assured, not all contractors are created equal. It’s essential to zero in on a reputable company, like Platinum Roofing and Construction, who know their shakes from their shingles.

Cladding Confusion Solutions

Let’s shingle out a few light-hearted siding tips to keep your spirits up when the siding selection help seems awry. Remember, laughter is the best mortar-vation when it comes to commercial siding decisions.

Solution One: Ask “Is This Just a Facade?”

Know what’s underneath your siding. Is it an inadequate barrier or a sturdy layer protecting your building? Ensure to check for any signs of damage or decay before resurfacing.

Solution Two: Check the Siding Spectrum

Color isn’t just about curb appeal. Dark shades absorb heat and may lead siding to warp or bow in sunlight-heavy areas. Lighter hues may be a safer cladding choice.

Solution Three: Maintain the Humor Pad

Humor is a fantastic tool to make your siding journey more bearable. “Corny siding jokes for roofers and those who love them” might just be the Google search that keeps the smile on your face.

No More Avoiding Siding Confusion

We’re here to help you prevent the common headaches associated with commercial siding contractor selection. Indeed, siding with puns is our favorite adobe-y!


1. What choices are there for commercial siding? – In addition to the popular vinyl siding, steel, aluminum, fiber cement, and brick are also solid choices.

2. How to choose the right siding contractor? – Look for a reputable company with substantial experience, positive customer reviews, and proven knowledge in the field.

3. Is the color of the siding important? – Yes, aside from aesthetics, color can affect the siding’s durability, especially in areas exposed to heavy sunlight.

Residing Between a Hard Place and a Siding: Conclusion

Choosing a commercial siding contractor need not be a daunting task. With our lighthearted guide, you can avoid confusion, pick the perfect siding, and have a laugh along the way. So, next time you think of siding, remember: don’t be cladded in confusion. Let’s raise the roof for a more meaningful understanding of commercial siding!

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