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Shingle File Please: A Guide to Commercial Roof Damage Inspection Services That Won’t Leave You Feeling Over the Top 

Discover expert Residential Roof Wind Damage Restoration Services. Don't let wind damage leave you feeling lost - we're here to guide you.
Table of Contents

Shingle File Please: All You Need to Know About Commercial Roof Damage Inspection Services

Discover the importance of regular Commercial Roof Damage Inspection Services with our punny, yet insightful guide. Trust us; it won’t leave you feeling over the top!

A Closer Look at the Roof: Not All Play and No Work!

Have you ever heard the adage, “Keep a good roof over your head”? Of course, you have. At Platinum Roofing in Rockledge, FL, we breathe life into that adage, helping businesses like yours with top-quality Commercial Roofing Solutions. Twice a year, in the spring and fall, the National Roofing Contractors Association suggests you give your roof a well-deserved inspection. Why, you ask? Okay, we see your eyebrow is still arched; let’s start shingling out the reasons.

The Wind-Bearing Truth Unveiled

The International Building Code (IBC) spins out a shocking fact: commercial roofs must be able to resist wind speeds up to 90 mph. The importance of maintaining this hefty benchmark lies predominantly in the consistent and dedicated Commercial Roof Damage Inspection Services.

Look Out – Here Comes the Rain Again

Next in line is water – that sneaky element that constitutes nearly 40% of all building-related problems due to leaks and moisture intrusion, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association. This fact alone makes regular Commercial Roof Damage Inspection Services indispensable.

Step by Step: Your Guide to Roof Inspection

Office inspections can be stressful, but tackling Commercial Roofing originally blends the serious with the fun – the “shingle file” spirit, if you will. Your inspection should cover the A-Z of Commercial Roofing Inspection, allowing you to keep the looming problems at bay.

Step 1: Look for Visible Roof Damage Signs

Start from the top! Visually survey the roof, checking for noticeable Roof Damage Causes like buckling, blistering, or worn-out sections. The use of binoculars or the services of a Commercial Roofing Expert will be helpful here.

Step 2: Investigate for Water Damage

With nearly 40% of building issues linked to water, this should be high on your inspection list. Search for spots of water pooling, signs of damp, or mold growth in various areas of the building.

Step 3: Check the Drainage System

Clogged drains could lead to water overflow and subsequent damage. Check if your roof’s drainage system is in working order and clear of any blockages.

Step 4: Consult Roofing Inspection Professionals for a Thorough Check

Take your Commercial Roof Care to the next level by enlisting the help of Roofing Inspection Professionals. Their experience will prove invaluable in identifying issues that you may have missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I Schedule a Roof Inspection?

At least twice a year, preferably during the spring and fall, as suggested by the National Roofing Contractors Association.

What are the common damage signs I should watch for?

Look out for things like discolored spots, leaks, tears in the roofing material, and standing water.

Can I conduct a roof inspection myself?

Yes, you can start the process, but for a comprehensive analysis, it’s wise to consult Roofing Inspection Professionals.

Handy Roof Game Plan

1. Regular Inspection: Make it a habit, not an afterthought.

2. Document: Keep a record of inspections conducted and repairs executed.

3. Maintenance: Invest in Commercial Roof Maintenance to keep the ‘roof ball’ in your court.

Look Up: The Final Takeaway

Roof overhead – check, punny outlook – check, professional guidance – triple check! With this guide on Commercial Roof Damage Inspection Services, it’s time to let the sun in but keep those pesky problems out. At Platinum Roofing and Construction, we’re always here for you and your roof, ready to ensure your business’s safety and longevity. So, connect with us today, put a shingle file on your to-do list, and feel on top of the world – not over it!

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