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Wind of Change: A Breezy Guide to Commercial Roof Wind Damage Repair That Won’t Leave You Feeling Gust-ted 

Discover expert tips on Commercial Roof Wind Damage Restoration. Don't let wind damage ruin your business. Learn more now!
Table of Contents

Blowing in the Wind: Unraveling the Gust of Commercial Roof Wind Damage

As businesses, we’ve weathered many storms. Yet, here comes a force that leaves us slightly ruffled or downright disrupted – commercial roof wind damage. Yes, friends, it’s the wind we’re talking about. Surprisingly, wind speeds as mild as 50 to 60 miles per hour could rip apart roof coverings and cause havoc. The resulting catastrophic lift-off can allow water, debris, and other unwanted guests to infiltrate unsuspectingly. When these issues are swept under the shingles instead of addressed, it can cause further damage like water damage and structural instability, thereby affecting your business.

Your Partner in Uncertainty: Why Platinum Roofing?

At Platinum Roofing and Construction, we know how gusty winds can batter hard on commercial roofs. But, hey, it isn’t every day we sing ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ – unless you’ve neglected your roof maintenance duties. So buckle up as we delve into the nitty-gritties of wind damage. You wouldn’t want to be left feeling gust-ted, now would you?

Caught Amidst a Windstorm: Identifying Wind Damage

You might be curious about how to spot warning signs. You know, something other than your roofing flying across the neighborhood. While the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that over 60% of all roof damage and 90% damage to building components are wind-induced, spotting them before they balloon into a financial twister is essential.

High Wind Roof Damage: The Tell-Tail Signs

Understanding the impact of wind on your building’s roof is Step 1 towards efficient roof maintenance and damage prevention. To begin, scan for visible signs of pressure and suction damage, split seams, missing shingles, or granules in the gutters. If you peek inside and spot leaks, stains, or bubble-like blisters in the roof material, it’s indicative of brewing trouble.

Storm Damage Repair: The Way Forward

Once you’ve identified the damage, step 2 involves seeking professional roofing services. You wouldn’t want an ‘gone with the wind’ situation, would you? At Platinum Roofing, we employ advanced wind damage restoration methods to ensure your business doesn’t skip a beat.

Weathering the Storm: Commercial Roof Repair Services

Our weather damage roof repair services are not just solutions, they’re shields against roofing issues brought upon by wind and other elements. Our commercial roofing solutions extend beyond repairs, efficiently addressing storm damage repair, roof damage insurance claims, and prompt emergency roof repair requirements.

Emergency Roof Repair: When the Winds Can’t Wait

When your commercial roof injury is more ‘urgent ER visit’ than ‘schedule an appointment next month’, trust our team to address it swiftly, avoiding further damage to your property or business operations.

Roofing Contractor Services: A Fitting Capstone

Platinum Roofing and Construction’s roof repair services aren’t a winded tale, but a strong commitment to your business’s integrity, literally from the top down. With experience in commercial building roof repair and industrial roof wind damage, we guarantee solutions that are as tough as nails and seal the deal.

Roof Maintenance Tips: Your Checklist to Staying Ahead of the Winds

1. Regular Roof Inspections: Consider it akin to a dental check-up. You may not like it, but you need it.

2. Shingle Repair: If any shingles have shaken loose, they need to be replaced pronto to prevent leaks.

3. Edge Flashing: Crucial in preventing wind uplift.

4. Gutter Cleaning: To avoid water damage, keep those gutters squeaky clean.

5. Insurance Review: Take some time to review your insurance policy to ensure it covers wind damage.


What causes roof wind damage?

Wind damage occurs when high-speed winds create pressure differences that can lift and eventually damage roof coverings.

How can I prevent wind damage?

By scheduling regular inspections, maintaining the roof components, and ensuring that your insurance policy covers wind damage, you can work towards mitigating roof wind damage risks.

Do I need to replace my whole roof if it’s wind damaged?

Not necessarily. It depends on the extent of the damage. Experts at Platinum Roofing and Construction can assess and recommend if a repair or replacement is needed.

Don’t Let the Wind Sweep You Off Your Roof

Next time the winds of change decide to give your commercial roof a rough ride, remember, it need not spell disaster. With the right professional intervention, routine maintenance, and damage prevention techniques, you can build a concrete defense against high wind roof damage. Don’t let the storm damage disrupt your business. Instead, ride the storm with Platinum Roofing and Construction, your reliable partner in commercial roof wind damage repair.

When it comes to the winds, may you always have the upper hand, or rather, ech, rooftop.

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